Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Chunkster Challenge 2010

Since setting my reading goal this year, I have been reading lots of book blogs.  It is almost better than a book club because I get tons of recommendations and reviews each day in addition to general book banter.  Most of the blogs I've been reading, though, are participating in the Chunkster Challenge this year. 

To qualify for the challenge, each book has to be 450 pages, and given my reading list, I'd say I would be stupid not to participate.  It is just one month into the time frame, and I have almost completed a 690 page chunkster.  On the list are several others that are weighing down my bookshelf as we speak!

In order to participate, I have to choose a participation level for the year.  As of today... eek... I am committing to read... wait for it... six large tomes this year.  I'm not sure that I'll necessarily complete it, but I'm a fan of setting big goals.  At least that way I will be motivated to read through the Modern Library List at a reasonable pace!

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