Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weekend Creations

The past weekend, I spent some much needed time with my sewing machine.  I stopped sewing last October when I went on bed rest for the first time, and I just didn't bother picking back up again over the holiday season.  My mistake!

I had so much fun with my machine!  I managed to make two pairs of overalls for Noah, based on an old Simplicity pattern that I picked up for a dollar after Adrienne was born.  I omitted the snap tape, though, because I don't like, and don't use, snaps once the kid is old enough to "help" me by getting his legs into the pants.  I also sewed both ends of the straps instead of using buttons because Noah tends to try to eat them.  I'd rather he not be constantly distracted by trying to eat his clothing! 

Here he is modeling a pair that I made out of flannel, and below is a pair made of a thin corduroy with a patch I found on sale at JoAnn's a few days ago.

I also managed to make a skirt for Adrienne out of some fabric I've had lying around for about six months.  I didn't have a pattern, so I based it on a tutorial from Two Little Banshees

What did I learn from this weekend of sewing?  Other than that I was foolish to consider taking such a long break from a hobby that I love?  Well, I have decided that extra details such as top-stitching and double-stitched hems really do make a difference on the finished product.  Instead of looking half finished, these projects look well-sewn and polished.

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