Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gratituesday: My Husband

The last month has been a lesson in trust. And a lesson in teamwork.

While I have been either confined to bed rest on doctor's orders or unable to move due to pain, the daily life of our family has not slowed down too much. The children still need to be fed, washed, and otherwise supervised. Since Noah can't even walk, there is a lot for a parent to do around here. And while I was lying in bed, someone else had to pick up the slack.

Enter Nathan.

He managed to rearrange his work schedule so that he could work from home during the day, and go in to work at nights. He changed diapers, mopped up after accidents, cooked three meals a day, took the children on outings, kept the house from falling apart around us, and somehow managed to work 45 hours per week. Oh, and did I mention the night wakings? The poor man has been working non-stop around the clock.

Somehow, though, he didn't get frustrated or angry. He kept on assuring me that it was his turn to carry the workload of our family until I could get back up to par.

While I am grateful to be up and moving around again this week, I am more grateful for the man who has allowed me the time I need to recover. Without him, I am not sure what I would have done.

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  1. how great your husband must be he sounds like a wonderful man