Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I haven't been blogging lately. Somehow I got caught up in a lot of running around, chasing children, and obsessive cooking. Luckily--and I was lucky--I ended up on bedrest for the next two weeks. So I thought I'd use the spare time to start blogging again, and what could be better than a gratituesday post.

This weekend, I nearly lost my pregnancy, but an ultrasound early Monday morning revealed a heartbeat. All of my prayers were answered! I just have to stay in bed for the next two weeks until they can get a better view of Baby #3 to ensure all is well. So, as I said, I am thankful to be on bedrest.

I am also thankful for "the kindness of strangers." Or maybe not such strangers. While I'm waiting for my mom to come up and help me with the kids, cooking, and such, the hubby is spending a lot of time off of work trying to help out. He is getting very stressed, as he is working full time and trying to do the work of a SAHM, too. This is where my friends have stepped in and arranged playdates for the kids and meals for each night.

There is no way I could ever express how thankful I am to all the people who have prayed, entertained the kids, and fed our family. And, of course, countless thanks to GOD who has provided for us.

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