Monday, March 1, 2010

Muffin Tin Mondays: Dinner

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I apologize for posting so late today, but we weren't able to do Muffin Tin Mondays for lunch today.  I had planned on doing an afternoon snack, but everyone napped for a long time.  A snack that late in the afternoon would have spelled disaster for dinner.  So, much to Nathan's chagrin, we had our dinner in muffin tins.

It was so easy to size everyone's portions this way, and it made coming up with a variety of vegetable options a snap!  We may, in fact, have to have Muffin Tin Monday dinner again when I get bored with traditional serving options.

Cornbread Muffins
Carrot Sticks
Roast Beef and Gravy
Mixed Greens


  1. love them. the purple potatoes look great! i wonder if i can find them here at my local grocery store...

  2. I think a muffin tin dinner is a great idea. Yummy meal.

  3. looks like a great dinner! I love the butterfly cups.

  4. I love the cornbread in the muffin cups, especially the butterflies!

  5. Purple potatoes are delicious and great for roasting and frying. I have to admit, though, that my favorite thing about them is their color. I mean, what could beat naturally occuring purple potatoes?