Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday Food Forage: Picking up our meat

Today we drove out to Black Earth again to pick up our meat.  Hooray!

After loading the kids in the car, we felt like taking a drive, so we drove via Dodgeville, Spring Green, and eventually made it into Black Earth.  Adrienne was so excited to see the airplane that sits outside a motel in Dodgeville.  We stopped on the side of the road and talked for a long time about the wings, tail, engines, and propellers.  At bed time, she listed it as her favorite part of the day!  Strange, the little things that matter so much to kids.

Anyway, we finally made it to Black Earth about two hours later.  (Yes, we took it very slowly!)  Just in time for lunch!  Finding a cute little diner, Luckenbooth Restaurant, we stopped in for a bite.  The atmosphere was country and cozy, and the food portions were huge.  A lot of the menu was egg, though, but we managed to find some sausage and fruit for Noah.  Nice and full, we headed for our real destination--Black Earth Meats.

Our entire meat order fit into just two boxes, but we ended up with a ton of food.  I am super excited to get cooking.  The tally is as follows:

Soup bones -- 3 packages
Stew meat -- 11 packages
Oxtail -- 1 package
Liver -- 3 packages
Ground beef -- 38 packages
Short ribs -- 3 packages
Steaks -- 13 packages
Roasts -- 13

By my calculations, this meat should last us for at least six months, even if we don't buy anything else.  Hopefully, though, we will be buying some lamb and pork in the near future.  Half a lamb would be delish!

Yet another good Saturday Food Forage was had by all!

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